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Can a blender grind coffee beans?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Normally we grind coffee beans by a burr grinder. No matter electrical or manual, the burr grinder provides a good experience in the results. But sometimes we are short of money or the burr grinder just malfunctioned. So how can we grind the coffee beans and start a nice day?

Here is an option: the blender.

The blender can grind the coffee beans by blending technology. By the way, the blender and blade coffee grinder shares the same principle. So let's check how I did it.

What tools do we need?

  • Blender: No matter the commercial blender or home use blender is all OK. If you want a lot of powder, use a bigger blender. If you just need coffee powder for one person, a small blender is totally OK.

  • Sieve: It will be used to filter the fine powder. Sometimes we need fine powder to make espresso or other kinds of coffee that need even and fine coffee powder.

  • Storage jar: It will be used to store the extra coffee. We need to ensure it is well sealed to prevent moisture.

The procedures:

Blend the coffee beans: After we put the coffee beans inside the jar and close the lid, we will use the blender to process the coffee beans. The blender normally has 3 functions: on-off, pulse, speed adjustment. When blending the coffee beans, I use mostly the pulse function because it can start suddenly and strike the coffee beans intensively. The pulse function can speed the blending process efficiently as we showed in the video.

The result we get from the blender is a mixture of big and small coffee bean particles. It's generally suitable for hand-making coffee like pour-over. If you use them in a precious coffee maker, they may damage the coffee maker and you can't get the ideal coffee. So if you want to make the machine-made coffee, we need a solution.

Filter the coffee powder: If you want fine and uniform powder from the blender, we can use a sieve to filter the rough powder. The fine powder will drop from the sieve. The big particles will be left inside the sieve. So what we need to do is to shake the sieve and get enough fine powder we need. And these powder will be better for the coffee makers.

Store the coffee powder: After our daily coffee time, we can store the extra coffee by a sealed jar. Then we can use it next time.

The difference between a burr grinder and blender in coffee grinding

As we showed in the video, the blender can only make a mixture of fine and big powder. But the burr grinder can make even and uniform powder.

The blender can only cut the raw material inside the jar. It can't decide the size and shape of the processed material. Like we use our knife to cut the beef, we can't control the exact size and shape of the beef cubes.

The flat burr and conical burr share the same principle. The beans will be swallowed into the burrs and powder come out from the side gap between the burrs. The gap act as the controller of the size and shape. It will ensure the similar particles come out from the machine.

Remark: The ratio of fine powder from the mixture is low. So if you need only the fine powder, you may waste a lot of coffee beans.

So after the above introduction, I hope you can have a rough understanding of the blender grinding the coffee beans.

If it's helpful. Hope I can get your like and subscription on my Youtube Channel.


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