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Can a coffee grinder grind spices?

Updated: May 29, 2020

This is an interesting topic that sometimes someone may use a coffee grinder to do other tasks instead of coffee grinding. The coffee grinding tools are specially designed for coffee grinding only, but many people are wondering if we use it the other ways like grinding spice?

So here we will talk about this topic by our experience.

I will first recommend you our former blog about the other functions of coffee grinders.

The answer to this question: YES

I mean the coffee grinder can do this job. Because the spices have similar features with the coffee beans. They are all dry and fragile.

And the materials we tested are pepper, chili, star anise, cinnamon. The size and shape of pepper, star anise, cinnamon are very big. So we need to cut them into suitable pieces first before grinding them.

There are many kinds of coffee grinders. Typically we know the manual grinder and electrical grinder distinguished by the power source. And we also know the burr grinder and blade grinder distinguished by the cutter.

The electrical burr coffee grinders are normally expensive and very precious for the coffee lover. So what I said in this blog may be an insult to sacred coffee drinks. And for me, I don't suggest you do this too, because the electrical burr grinder is really precious and it is specially designed for coffee beans.

I just want to develop more functions and make it much useful for some people or for some conditions.


1. Cut the materials

This is a very important procedure because you need put them into the inlet. And there is another size you need to know is the distance between the burrs. You will cut the materials small than the distance of burrs, or they won't be able to enter the burrs and the grinding won't happen.

You may don't need to cut them first for blade grinder, but you need to cut them or blend them first for the burr grinder. The different machines require different sizes.

2. Clean the hard subjects

There may be stones or other subjects mixed inside. Even there are very few of them, they will do damages to the burr which is the most important part of the grinders. So I suggest you be careful before grinding and check the impurity.

3. Grinding

After preparation, you just need to grind them as you are grinding the coffee beans. It's easy, nothing to worry about if you do the first two steps well.


The result of powder will be much different for different appliances. It will be similar to the coffee beans grinding result. I will list them below.

  • Blade grinder: Just rough powder mixed with small and big particles inside. Not good but enough for cooking.

  • Manual burr grinder: Very even and fine powder that similar to the spice powder you get in the shop. But it will take time and strength for you to do that.

  • Electrical burr grinder: Very Very even and fine powder that similar to the spice powder you get in the shop too. It is efficient and high output. Only the appliance is much more expensive.

Remark: There will be a very intensive and irritating smell coming out when grinding. So prepare a mask and glass for yourself if necessary.

Thanks for reading.

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