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Cleaning and maintenance tips for blenders

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Our lives are getting better and better, and our quality is slowly improving. Nowadays, various kitchen appliances are coming to us. The Home use blender is a kind of household appliance that can greatly enhance the happiness of life. What should pay attention to when using the commercial blender or home use mini blender? How to clean the blender? Let's learn together. Let's go!

Juice blender cleaning and maintenance tips

1. If some fine powder such as dry-ground pepper is needed to be cleaned with detergent first, then wipe with a dry cloth. Finally, it is best to use hot water for scalding, so that the fineness in the gap of the blender blade cutter can be fully dissolved.

2. If the meat is stirred at the tip of the knife, it is often difficult to clean the minced meat. This requires skill. First of all, when mixing the meat, put more oil, which will reduce its viscosity. After mixing, use The remaining dry breadcrumbs, after stirring, can directly remove the residue adhering to the blender blade head.

3. If the fruit is stirred, the fiber strips blocked at the blender blade cutter head can be slowly drawn in the direction it stirred. Do not Pull too hard. And brushes can be used for brushing, but do not use too much force to avoid damaging the blender blade cutter head.

4. After using the juicer blender, use boiled water to kill bacteria, It's important for health of the family and the next use.

The above is Cleaning tips for using the juice blender. Have you learned it? For more information about home improvement, please keep an eye on www.coffeeappliance.com

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