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Grind rice flour by blenders

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

The blender is one of the most useful tools in our kitchens. Almost everyone wants to get one blender to make decisions food. You can use the blender to grind meat, blend fruit or vegetable, grind meat, break the ice, etc.

There are so many functions that you can research and find in just one small blender. And here I will introduce the method to grind rice flour by the blender.

I think most people know that the principle of the blender. It is made of the jar and base. The jar is made of the plastic bottle and the blade set. The base has a motor inside and interlock parts. When powering on, the motor will drive the blade set to rotate. This rotating process will make the blade cut the material inside the container.

So the blender shares the same principle with the blade coffee grinder. The different functions are determined by their different structure of them.

Steps of grind rice

1. Clean the rice first to get rid of the impurity. For example, small stone, soil, etc. If you clean by water, you need to dry them after cleaning.

2. Pour the rice inside the jar. The rice must cover the blade set and not more than 1/2 of the jar.

3. Start the blender. Grind the rice like you grind the spice or coffee beans. For me, I will use the pulse button and medium speed.

4. Keep the blender running for a while until the flour is ready. Get a sieve(40-50 mesh) to filter the big particle and collect the fine flour. Put the big particle back to the blender. (The result you will get from blender must be a mixture of fine powder and big particle. Don't be fooled by the ads or videos made by big brand blender suppliers.)

5. Repeat above procedures, get enough flour.


1. don't keep the blender running for too long time. Too much heat inside the motor is not good. And too much heat inside the interlock parts is not good too.

2. I recommend the commercial blender for this job, Home use and USB blender is not recommended here.

So Is it easy? I think it's very easy. If you want to know more about the blender, please leave comments.


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