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Hand manual coffee grinder guildance for beginner 1

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Many coffee lover know that freshly ground coffee tastes better. To make freshly ground coffee, you must use a coffee grinder, especially in the process of making residential coffee. After all, it is not necessary for the family to spend a lot of money to buy a fully automatic coffee making equipment that combine coffee grinding and extracting.

From the moment you decide to make your own coffee, you should have a grinder and a brewing device and tool. Wheather to choose a hand cranked coffee grinders or electric coffee grinders, today I will introduce about this hot coffee topic.

Generally Individuals do not spend too much budget for the residential coffee making appliance except Enthusiast.But how to buy the right coffee tools at a reasonable price is indeed a headache. Friends who have a basic knowledge know the importance of the coffee grinding device because it involves secondary processing, and the uniformity of the coffee powder directly affects the flavor of the coffee. But it's not good to the get too much expensive coffee grinding tools at first. After all, there is always a process of learning. Just spend enough money to buy a primary coffee grinder.

- The advantages and disadvantages of hand-cranked coffee grinders Advantage of hand grinder

1, It is cheap: the price of household manual coffee grinder is generally only tens of dollars. If need the better style and material, it will charge one hundred dollars more. In the category of coffee grinding tool, Manual coffee grinder is the cheapest grinder.

2, Can be used as decoration in the house: manual coffee grinder machine is mostly made of solid wood or cast iron, the style and color is beautiful. It can also be used as decoration when not in use.

3, Creat an atmosphere: For three or five friends small gathering, take out the hand cranking grinder to make coffee, to increase the fun of making coffee, so that the process of making coffee is more interesting.

4, the grinding fineness can be adjusted: This is a pretty good advantage. You can adjust and fix the grinding fineness. So that the fineness of the coffee grinding is consistent every time. This is more convenient than the electric coffee grinder in some degree. 5, Wide applicability: Use no power, can be used at any time. Whether at home, in the office or outdoors, It can be used at any time, wide applicability.


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