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How to begin a small business or make your small grow bigger in small kitchen appliance field?

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

It's an honor for me to introduce my experience here which I gathered so many years in exporting field.

I will make it clear for you to know why it's hard to begin:

To exporter

I always met many small orders like one unit for own use or want one unit for sale to begin their business which is so small that the freight to their country will be more expensive than the product value. Like one customer want one unit of smoothie blender or a coffee grinder and want to receive at home. To us, we exporter the quantity is so small normally the porfit is so small that we don't even care about such order. And the freight is always high that normally 1 or 2 times expensive than the product value. In a a word, that makes it hard for a beginner to start his or her own small business.

To competitors

Actually the one begin their business will compete with the competitors everywhere which get a good price, cheap freight for bulk order, have much experience in the field and have fame in the market. And they can supply a cheaper price that maybe lower than the price you get from exporter(including freight). I think not many new business man can compete with the local retailer at first.

To beginner

It is great courage for someone decided to start a business. It will change a lot in life. Like not one payed your effort no matter how hard you work. You take care of yourself. No one will be responsible for your mistakes. And at first, Short of cash and pressure from family and friends is like a mountain on your shoulders. With less experience just the hope to better life, You begined your unpredictable life.

And maybe other reasons that affect the new business, I just listed the mainly factors.

But we need keep going to fulfill the promise we set in the first place.

So what shall we do?

I will provide my advices

Delete the big factory or big trading corporation

We always trust the big supplier. Like we go shopping and want a bag of coffee. There are too many choice to decide. So you will choose the brand supply and compare them to get a suitable one. But now you just started, the big supplier won't give you the good offer. They have MOQ, distributing policy and the price is not as good as the big importers. The first barrier is the MOQ. No beginner can afford 20ft products. Because they won't have so many cash, so big warehouse, so many customers for that stage. So delete the big supplier without hesitation.

Analyse your market and choose the ideal product, build selling channel

This is a key procedure of your business. This will decide wheather you can win or lose. If you prepare this procedure excellently you will get the 70% or more winning percentage.

The truth of business is to sell what people want. So you need know what people want. What is popular in the market. This is market analysis. To find what is really suitable for the markt. Then you won't get some products that people don't want and very very hard to sale. And this is the principle of choosing the ideal product which will save a lot cost and time for you.

The same important is to build your own selling channel. To sell locally or on the internet? How do you attract the traffic flow? Who you want to sell? Which place is your target place. This is all you need consider and decide by your real condition. Like if you have a empty store? if you are familar with internet and google? If you are willing to learn and upgrade yourself?

Find a reliable partner

This I mean you need a reliable supplier can supply good products and send the product in time. Can help you with the selling and after-sale. It's lucky if you have one business partner can do all this for you. They will grow with you. And upgrade their goods and service and keep up with times.

If you have a partner like this. Please cherish this friendship.

Keep your fame and away from cheaters

When we have business, like we have a big and delicious apple, the bugs will come and the bacteria inside will cause corruption. So It's extremely important for you to avoid these danger. Keep your service good and product good quality. Keep your mind up with the times and don't be kicked ass by the develpment of the socity. Then be clear about the business you have to keep the cheaters away from any chance to damage your business. I have to say. It's esay to say but hard to do. We will need experience to enhance our protection procedure.

It's like building a house, The foundation is lower than the ground. It takes more effort to make the foundation strong because it's the most important part of the house. The house won't stand for long if the foundation goes wrong. So for beginner or someone has a small business, it's better they figure out the markte, the product, the selling channel etc.

For the guys who have alreay started their business but don't have a stable and profitable business yet. I have advises for you too.

To plan a long term growth strategy for your business.

No matter how small or how good your initial business is. You need have a long term plan like the market plan, sale channel plan, product plan, invest plan etc to ensure your business has a bright future. And be sure to update the plan by the information you gather everyday. You can set a goal like this year to open second shop or to earn $100000 next year. This will make you energetic and no confused by others. Only you have faith in yourself you will win your own life. Like I always believe our brand Coffeeappliance will be one of the most famous in the world some day. And Goal this year is to begin good SEO of my website. And to grow big market in my country.

To equip yourself with knowledge updating with the market.

So what we need in the society is the unstopable advancement. We always charge ourself with knowledge. No matter how tired or how rich you are. It is always the most important key point for everyone especially some want a upgrading of the business. For example, You have a shop for drink appliance like blender, juicer, coffee grinder, coffee maker etc. It starts very well and you earned what you deserve. Then someone open a drink appliance shop same with you in another corner near you. And your business goes down. You will need skills to compete. You will need more knowledge to deal with this situation. Right?

So in a word, Business is always tough. And I admire these who decided to start their own business.

We are reliable and professional supplier of coffee appliance and juice appliance. We always do big orders. But time has changed. We will alway provide our best service to small orders.

So come and check what we have



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