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How to make coconut powder at home(oily powder)

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Coconuts are a very common fruit in tropical areas. But it is a very precious and rare fruit for the cities not in the tropical area. The coconut tree can't survive in my city. So I have to figure out ways to keep the fruit and maximize the utilization.

This is the first time I do this and please don't laugh at me if you have better techniques. I'm willing to learn from you too.

This time the coconut powder I made contains much oil and the water is extracted totally. the taste is good. So I will tell you about my experience now.

What tools I used are a blender, hammer, knife, spoon, etc.


1. Break the coconut that is already drunk and get the white flesh out.

I use a hammer, a knife, a spoon to finish this work. I felt exhausted after I tried many methods to take the flesh. The flesh sticks to the hard thick shell so firmly. So after I broke the shell I small the shell gradually to get the flesh. The spoon and knife don't work well. So next time I will try a new method to get all the flesh out simply.

2. Break the flesh by hands into smaller pieces. And then throw them into the blender to get the rough blended coconut particles.

3. Dry them by dehydrator or sunshine. If you dry them by pot, you will lose the coconut oil which we need. The sunshine or hot air can only remove the water not oil.

4. After they are all dried, pour them into the blender again to break them into fine powders.


1. The blender can't work well because the coconut contains too much oil inside. The blender can only break some parts into small powder but not all because after a while the oil released and accumulated on the bottom which will gather the flesh into the corner and the spinning blade can't reach.

So if we bake the coconut flesh by pot like the coffee beans, the water and much oil will be evaporated which will be very good and convenient for grinding or blending. So next time I will try this method to make the powder with less oil.

2. The coconut powder is a very tasty recipe. I enjoyed it when adding just water. Or you can add sugar, honey, fructose, lemon, etc. That will be great too.

My parents liked this powder because they add nice flavor and aroma to the rice and chicken soup, meat soup, stir-fry food, etc.

Thanks for reading

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