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How to make flour by spice grinder

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

The blade coffee grinder is a very useful tool as I said in the last blogs. It is called spice grinder too because it can grind coffee beans and other dried spice ingredients into powders.

It has blades inside the container to cut the material which you will find this principle very similar to a blender. But this blade grinder is not water-proof. So, to be honest, the blade grinder has fewer functions than a blender.

Here I will show you how to make flour by spice grinder this time. To make the flour as you bought in your local shop. This may be very convenient when you run out of flour and didn't procure the new order.

So let's check what we need for the flour making.

1. blade coffee grinder

2. sieve(40-50mesh)

3. bowl (contain rice and flour)

4. rice (no stone or impurity)


1. add rice into the grinder, push the button.

2. pour the powder in the sieve, collect the fine powder by a bowl.

3. pour the rough particles inside the grinder and add rice again.

4. Repeat procedure 2 and 3, stop when you got the amount you need.

Remark: the powder that you can get from a blade grinder is not even and fine. They are a mixture of fine and rough particles. So we need to separate them and get the fine flour. Then the solution is the sieve.

Thanks for reading.

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