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How to make peanut butter by blender

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

For most people, peanut butter is one of the most favorite ingredients in our life. When we get up in the morning, bread and peanut butter are what I love most. So here I will introduce you how to make your own peanut butter in your kitchen just by a blender.

The blender is one of the most useful tools in our kitchen. It is a very simple appliance. It has a motor inside the base to drive the blade set in the jar. And when powering on, the blade will start to rotate and cut the raw materials. The materials we talk about can be anything. No matter watery food or dry food or very hard food. It can make powder, jelly, beverage, etc.

I can remember that my parents make the peanut butter all by some simple tools without any appliances. Although it's a very nice memory, it still takes much time and strength. But now we have many choices. We are lucky, don't we?

So let's check what we need to prepare:

  • A blender

  • Peanuts

  • Seasoning: salt, sugar, honey, any kind of oil you like.

  • A pot/ oven

Let's check the steps:

1.Bake the peanut.

You can cook the peanut in the pot, or bake them in the oven. Just use the methods that are convenient for you.

2. Remove the skin of peanut.

After the peanuts are cooked, we need to remove the skin. Because the skin can't be crushed well and will affect the final flavor although the skin contains much nutritions.

3. Processing the material

Put all the peeled peanuts inside the jar. And add seasoning inside the jar. You can choose other seasonings instead of copying all of mine recipe

Blend by low speed first, and then accelerate the speed gradually. You can use a stick to help mix the material if necessary.

4. Cooling down

The well-processed peanut butter is hot. So wait it cool down or just put it inside the fridge.

Finally, we get the excellent peanut butter we like.

Thanks for reading.

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