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How to use blade coffee grinder(basic knowledge)

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

This is very easy for some people to use a new appliance that they never used before. But some people can't do that because people have their advantages in different fields. So here I will introduce how to use blade coffee grinder(spice grinder) in a very easy and simple way and some small skills which are very useful.

First, I will introduce again the simple principle of a blade grinder.

It is a grinder that has a blade inside the container and a motor interlock with the blade outside the container. When power on, the motor will run and bring force to the blade to cut the materials inside.

After we know the principle, let's check the steps of using the appliance.

1. take off the lid above and pour the materials inside.

2. After that, put the lid on and press the start button which is on the lid or side of the appliance.

3. When running, hold on to the body and don't let the appliance run continuously for more than 5 seconds. Or the heat generated by the motor will do damage to itself. We need to do it like start-stop, start-stop, start-stop...

In this way, the appliance will have a durable life. And another reason we do this is the heat generated by the strikes of the blade to the material. The heat will do damage to the aroma and flavor of the material in some way.

And the third reason is that this method will create a better performance by intermittent running.

4. After finishing, disconnect the plug first because of the possibility of misoperation and damage to humans. Remove the lid and pour the grounds.

5. Clean the appliance if necessary. I think it's better to clean it every week. And here is the cleaning method of the blade grinder. You can check it for reference.


1. This grinder is not water-proof normally. So don't grind the watery material.

2. The grinder is small. The motor inside and the cutting process will generate much heat. So no long-time running is acceptable.

3. Clean the material first. Get rid of stone or any hard objects that are no needed. We don't want any impurity inside the powder. And the hard objects will damage the blade. Imagine a stone in coffee beans that will destroy the ceramic burr grinder.

4. If you want even grounds. You can get a sieve to work with this grinder. Because the result of blade grinder is a mixture of fine and rough powders.

Thanks for reading

Leave a comment if anything.

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