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First introduction of coffee appliance company!

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Business about coffee maker

We are a group of young that suddenly realize that our interests can be turned into a business and can help other with the same interests.

As for us, we are coffee lover, juice lover. We normally want to help these want to save time or don't want waste too much time in making juice or coffee. So we will have electrical coffee grinders to grinde the coffee beam into coffee powder. with different blade, to make different powder to make different flavour. After help of coffee mill, we will have coffee makers to finish the next work or you can just make coffee simply with a cup and strainer. We will provide all these tools.

Or you have enough time and want to enjoy the process of making coffee, or just short of budget. You can choose the manual coffee mill like above. By the way, we will introduce all above in the following blogs.

Business about Juicer

As we grow our business of the coffee machine, we also receive inquire of juicer and blender etc. There are too many of them to ignore. So we decide to begin this business too to help more customer with their urgent needs. We collect many many like oranger juicer, carrot apple juicer, usb blender, shake n take, commercial blender, bullet blener, SUS juicer etc. And we provide customization too like the coffee machines.

Related machine of juice and coffee

As we are supplier for all machine for coffee shop, juice bar. We also provide like Fructose Machine, ice cream maker, ice crusher, juice machine, milk shaker etc. We can be a stop supplier in our field.

Most importantly, you can click into our shop for more choice after read our articles and have interests.

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