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Knowing the parameter of a coffee grinder is important

Updated: Mar 5

As we are planning on purchasing an ideal coffee grinder, the first question coming to us is how we choose them? What're the functions and what the parameter means to us? So we must have enough knowledge about the data on the sales page, leaflets or catalog.

Above is a sample that has many parameters inside. Is it hard to understand?

So I have listed some parameters for your reference below.


There are 110v/200v/220v/230v/380v in the world. Different country has different voltage. We must check this data before purchasing it.


There are 50hz/60hz in the world. Check it first.


This data might not be shown on the datasheet. And it's not very important for the customer. So you can ignore it.


This is very important data shows the consumption of electricity amount each hour. And it means the working ability strength too. Big power means big working ability and big consumption. So taking this into consideration is necessary.

Blade dimension:

Blade dimension normally means the diameter of the burrs. The bigger diameter brings big production rate.

Blade type:

There are conical burr, flat burr, special flat burr(ghost burr, block burr, etc) and blade cutter. Each blade has its features and advantages. So it's necessary to know the features when you are choosing.

Blade material:

There are two main materials for the blade cutter and burrs: metal and ceramic burr.

And the stainless steel is the main metal of burr. There are still better and much expensive metal for the burrs. The metal burr is a basic requirement for professional coffee grinders.

Bean capacity:

The bean capacity means the number of beans you can put into the hopper.

Motor speed:

This data shows the rotating velocity of the motor which is connected with the burrs. So this will reveal a bit of performance of the grinder.

Gross weight:

It is called shipping weight too.

It means the weight of product + packing.

Net weight:

It is called item weight too.

It means the weight of the product.

Product of dimension:

This means the length, width, height of the product.

Packing Size/dimension:

This means the length, width, height of the packing.

Outlet methods:

This means the power button control outlet, push outlet, storage bucket outlet, electronic setting outlet. Check what's your favorite and suitable outlet methods.

Grinding speed:

It means the rotating speed of the burrs. Sometimes it's the same as the motor speed. Sometimes don't if the grinder has gearbox inside.


It is the outside painting of the product.

Grinding setting type:

There are step and stepless functions of the grinding setting. The stepless setting can adjust the fineness setting without the restriction of the set index. The step setting can only adjust to the set index which means you may only have limited choice for the fineness.

There is no production rate here because we won't use the coffee grinder continuously and we use them each time the customer ordered. So the production rate means little for us for the coffee grinder.

So if you have more questions about the parameters, please leave a message here.

Thank you for reading.


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