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Let's check the origin of coffee 1

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Coffee beans( Ingredients of making coffee )

Coffee beans are the plant seed used to make coffee. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of coffee beans in the world, Arabica beans and Roberta beans. The coffee seed is made up of two symmetry seeds. The side that connects each other is flat joint called a flat bean. But there is also a totally round seed called a round bean, which has no difference in taste.

The earliest Arabs ate coffee by chewing the whole fruit (Coffee Cherry) to absorb its juice. Later they mixed the ground coffee beans with the animal's fat to make a physical supplement for the journey. Until about 1,000 AD, the green coffee beans were put in boiling water to make aromatic drinks. Three centuries later, the Arabs began to roast and grind coffee beans. Because the Qur'an strictly forbidden to drink alcohol, the Arabs consume a lot of coffee. So religion is actually a big factor in promoting the popularity of coffee in the Arab world.

Origin of coffee

1.the story of the shepherd It is said around the 10th century AD, on the plateau of Ethiopia in Africa, there was a shepherd, Carl. One day, he saw that the goat suddenly seemed extremely excited. He felt very strange. Later, after careful observation, he found that these flocks were excited because they ate some kind of red fruit. Carl curiously tasted some, and found that he felt refreshed and excited after he ate. He took the incredible red fruit and brought it home to the locals. so this magical effect spread.

2.the story of Arab monks

It is said in 1258 in mountains of Yemen, the chieftain who was deported by the tribes for crimes, was exiled to a distant place Wasaba (in Arabia). When he was exhausted in the mountains, he found the birds on the branches sang a very sweet and squeaking roar after eating the fruits of the trees. So he added the water to the pot and boiled it. Unexpectedly, he felt energetic. The feeling of exhaustion was also eliminated after drinking. Later, Omar collected many of these magical fruits. When someone was sick, he made the fruit into a soup for them to drink, and they restored soon after drinking. Because he was doing good. Gradually he was loved by believers, his sin was soon shackled. And he returned to Mocha and was honored as a saint by discovering this fruit. It is said that the magical medicine at that time was coffee.


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