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How to make rice flour by coffee grinder

Updated: May 29, 2020

Flour is a very popular ingredient in our life. It is almost the staple food in some countries. It can be used to make cakes, bread, noodles, dumplings, pancake, etc. And sometimes it is the ingredient of some deciduous dishes.

But sometimes when we are out of flour powder, what can we do to get some before next procurement? If we have rice and essential tools, we can make flour powder at home.

As a coffee lover. We must have the coffee grinding tools at home like a manual grinder, a spice grinder, a burr coffee grinder, etc. So here we will test them in the rice grinding field (if your grinder is too precious, please don't use them grind rice because this action will mix flour power in your next coffee grinding. And I will show you the test by our grinders).

As we know, there are many categories of coffee grinders. And I will sort them into some main categories here.

  • By control method: Manual, electrical

  • By grinding cutter: flat burr, special flat burr(block burr, ghost burr), conical burr, blade set.

You can check this blog for the detailed introduction of the coffee grinder cutter.

So the tools for our test:

  1. Manual coffee grinder (conical burr)

  2. Electrical blade coffee grinder(spice grinder)

  3. The electrical flat burr grinder

  4. The electrical conical burr grinder (we don't have yet)

  5. The electrical ghost burr grinder(masticating burr)

Remark: so will test 1, 2, 3, 5 because our company doesn't manufacture the electrical conical burr grinder now. I think the result of option 1 is the same as option 4.


1. Prepare all the tools and plug in if necessary.

2. Prepare the rice(make sure they are dry and clean).

3. Add the rice into the hopper separately just as we add the coffee beans.

4. Set the fineness to the finest degree(we want the flour powder to be as fine as we bought from the shop, so we just need the finest degree).

5. Prepare the container to store the flour produced.

6. Start the appliance or operate the tools

7. Collect the powder and compare the results.

After the experiment, let check the results.

So after the test, we know that the coffee grinders can make flour. But it's not certain.

The burr grinders can do the job, no matter it's electrical or manual, flat burr or conical burr. It will take much more time if we use the manual grinder to make flour, and performance is great. The electrical burr grinders are much more efficient and can make output in a very short time.

The blade coffee grinder(spice grinder) can't do this job alone. Because there are so many big particles mixed inside. So we need other tools and more procedures to make the flour.

So above is our test and thanks for reading.

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