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Precautions for using the Blender

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Our lives are getting better and better, and our life quality is slowly improving. Nowadays, various kitchen appliance are coming to us. The electrical blender is a kind of household appliance that can greatly enhance the happiness of life. What should you pay attention to when using the cooking machine?

1. Before using the electrical blender, check the power cord, plug and other parts for damage. If there is any damage, stop using it immediately.

2. Turn off the power before disassembling or debugging the electrical blender.

3. The food placed in the cooking machine should not exceed the maximum scale of the cup capacity.

4. When using the electrical blender, do not heat the overheated food in the cup to avoid cracking the cup.

5. After the electrical blender is used, wait until the motor and the blade stop working and the power has been cut off to remove the body

Above is the precautions for using the electrical blender after use. Have you learned it? For more information about home improvement, please keep an eye on www.coffeeappliance.com.

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