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Production method of coffee before baking

After harvesting the fruit, skin, flesh, fruit peel and silver skin should be removed before sales to the market. The processing method is to dry it(also known as natural or non-washable method) or water-washed method.

Dry method

The method is relatively simple. First, the freshly harvested fruit need to be spreaded on the drying ground for one or two week until the fruit is squeaky and naturally dried. After that, the dried flesh, endocarp and silver skin need to be removed with a tool or machine. The coffee beans refined in this way are slightly acidic and slightly bitter. Almost all coffee beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, Yemen, etc. are obtained in this way. The disadvantage of this method is that it is susceptible to weather and easy to incorporate cowpea and other impurities. Therefore, it must be carefully selected during the dring process.

Water wash method

First place the fruit harvested in a tank full of flowing water. The fruit floating on the surface of the water need to be removed. Then the skin and pulp need to be peeled off with a pulp remover. After that put it in another tank and remove the floating flesh. After that, They are transferred to a fermentation tank, soaked for half a day to one day. Until the gum on the surface of the fermented coffee beans is dissolved. After washing with water, Dry them by a machine for several days. Finally the inner peel is removed by a sheller. So we get the raw coffee bean which can be used as a commodity. In this way, the color of the dried coffee beans is better and the impurities are less. This method is used in about 70% of the production in Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and other countries.


After the coffee beans are harvested, the processing must be carried out immediately. otherwise the fermentation will start and the coffee beans will be odorous. The treatment methods are mainly "dry" and "washed", which will result in different flavors. Dry method make beans contain a full natural mellow taste, a gentle aroma and a lot of gelatin; a water-washing method make the beans contain a good mellow taste, a high aroma and a lively sour taste, it is also a source of sweetness in espresso.


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