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simple methods to make onion powder by a blender

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The onion powder is like a magical seasoning that we can use in almost any food. It will change the flavor so fast. We can use it in soup, fried food, barbecues, etc. For me, I can't eat without this special seasoning.

And it's also an important ingredient in the finished seasonings. In Thai food, India food, Chinese food, etc, we will add the onion powder in most conditions.

So here I will show a simple method to make the onion powder by a blender.

What do we need to prepare?

  • Onions

  • Blender

  • Pot/oven

  • Glass/ washbowl with water


1. Cleaning

The onions you got maybe has soil on it. So first we need to clean them. We can just cut the two ends and remove the old skin. Then wash the fresh onion with water.

2. Cutting

Cut the onions into slices. In this step, we just need to cut them into the shape easy for dehydration.

3. Dehydration

In this step, we have 3 methods.

  • Baking by sunshine

  • By microwave oven

  • By pot

Choose a suitable one for yourself.

4. Grinding

Actually you can use many tools to grind the dried onion. Here we choose blender because of the convenience and efficiency.

Just put all the dried onion into the jar and start the blender. Use the pulse function if necessary.

After a few minutes, we will get the ideal result.

5. Storage

Keep the powder inside a sealed container. we need to keep the powder away from the moisture and block the releasing of aroma.

Finally, we get the onion powder that we can use for a period. The making process is very simple.

The onion powder is a small deal compared with all the kitchen affairs. But it is very helpful for me to know more about cooking. To know more about the feeling when my parents and grandparents are processing the onion decades ago without any protection. The tears now from my eyes also happened in their cooking.

Now I make onion powder for my family. And my children will make them for their family too. It's really a very nice circle. Hope all family around the world living a happy life.

Remark: When you are slicing the onion, wear a pair of glass. Or you can put all underwater inside the washbowl.


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