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The most suitable coffee grinder for espresso/Turkish coffee and recommendations

Updated: Jan 4

As a coffee lover, we all know what espresso is. To make espresso, we need high-pressure hot water through the fine powders to finish the extracting process. The grinds need to be very fine and consistent.

By the way, the Turkish coffee needs extra fine powder than espresso which most manual grinders and all blade grinders both can't make.

Why espresso and Turkish coffee has so high requirements on the grinds?

Fineness control necessity:

When the high-pressure hot water flows through the grinds, the grinds of high fineness will require less time for extracting. And the grinds will be extracted thoroughly if the grinds are small.

The bigger size grinds in the portafilter will cause the contact face smaller compared with the fine powder. When the outside is brewed totally, the inside is still unbrewed. When the inside is brewed totally, the outside of grinds are over-brewed. So this is a big problem: it's a hard choice to decide if waste the inside or over-brew the outside.

Consistency control necessity:

The consistency control will ensure the grinds come out with almost the same shape and size.

When coffee extracting, the hot water is pushed through the gas between grinds. If the grind with different shapes and sizes inside the coffee powder, the bigger will need more time for extracting and the smaller grinds will be brewed totally in a short time after contacting water. So we will get a mixed flavor of low-brewed and over-brewed coffee when the grinds are not consistent.


The over-brewed coffee will have too much sour and bitter taste which is a disaster. So keep the high fineness and consistency is a must for espresso and Turkish coffee. That's why the professional commercial coffee grinders are developed and many are willing to purchase although they are really expensive.

Check the categories of the grinders and coffee makers

So let's check what kind of grinder is suitable for espresso and Turkish coffee.

1. Blade grinder

Of course, this is not an option even if it's equipped with a super great blade and motor. The blade grinder can't adjust fineness and will cause a mix of fine powders and coarse grinds which is totally NO.

2. Manual conical grinder(ceramic burr)

The manual grinder can adjust the fineness. It needs human strength to drive the burrs rotating which will cause unavoidable shock and stop that may cause bad consistency. And the ceramic burr is rough compared to metal burr which will can't get a high fineness. It's not an ideal option.

3. Manual conical grinder(metal burr)

As we said above, the advantage here is the metal burr that can increase the fineness to meet the requirements. But the power source is still a problem which may cause bad consistency. So this is not a good option too, but it's worth a try if you really want to do this.

4. Electrical conical burr grinder(ceramic burr)

All the electrical grinders are equipped with a motor. When turned on, the motor will provide a consistent power to drive the burr to work. So they won't have a problem of the inconsistency.

But the ceramic burr is still a problem which is rough compared with metal. So I don't recommend this grinder. But it's worth a try if you really want to do this.

5. Electrical conical burr grinder(metal burr)

This electrical grinder with a metal burr is great for Espresso and Turkish coffee. Because as we talked above. The electrical motor will supply consistent power and the metal burr can provide a high fineness.

So the metal burr electrical grinder will be a good choice.

6. Electrical flat burr grinder(ceramic burr)

The flat burr is also a famous burr that is popular in the world. It has many categories like block burr, ghost burr, round blade flat burr. They all have good performance and used in a certain condition. The common flat burr is great, but the ceramic burr also has the same disadvantage.

So I don't recommend this grinder. But it's worth a try if you really want to do this.

7. Electrical flat burr grinder(metal burr)

The metal flat burr is a solution for the above grinder. So it is an excellent choice.

If you want a great grinder for espresso and Turkish, please come an check our catalog. You may find some models suitable for you.

Remark: There's alway debate over the conical burr and flat burr. We gathered the difference and comparison in this blog:

conical burr vs flat burr-vs ghost burr vs block burr


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