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The right method to clean a blade coffee grinder

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

I think the spice grinder is a very useful tool. You can utilize it to grind coffee beans, pepper, chili, cinnamon, star anise, pepper, etc. And there are many more materials that can be processed by this small appliance which I don't know for now. This small grinder can help you a lot in your kitchen.

The blade coffee grinder is called a spice grinder too. So they are the same appliance.

For me, I use the blade coffee grinder very frequently to process the ingredients in the kitchen. So sometimes the grinder is covered by different kinds of powder that caused the crosstalk of different flavors. I don't want that to happen but can do little about it.

So I researched this problem for a long period and tried different methods on the internet.

And you can check our former post of cleaning the blade coffee grinder. It is the experience which we gathered that can really help this situation.

So here I just introduce the condition that the blade grinder is clogged with too many grinds inside that will affect the performance and the bad smell of the next outcome. I think it's easy to deal with the lightly polluted condition.

So what we need to prepare first?

1. The wipes: cloth, tissue.

2. Rice or dried potato, dried sweet potato, etc. Any eatable material which can be ground into oil-free powder can be used.

3. soap or detergent if needed. Anything can clean oil and can be clean easily is acceptable.

The steps

1. Do the rough cleaning by wipes we mentioned above. Just wipe anything you can.

2. Grind the rice or other materials that are suitable.

3. After grinding, pour the grinds and wipe the inside with wipes again. The powders will stick to the coffee residues and you can clean the powders to drag the coffee residues.

4. If there are still residues that can't be cleaned, you can use soap water or detergent or anything that can clean oil and easy to clean away. The appliance is not water-proof, so you need to use a wipe to dip the cleaning water and clean the inside with care. And clean the cleaning water aways when you finished cleaning.

So above are the procedures that we normally use to clean a clogged blade grinder.

And sometimes we will encounter an extreme situation that we still can't clean it thoroughly. So we need to open the appliance and take it apart to clean the inside. At this condition, you can just drop the whole container not motor and wires into a basin of soap water. And clean it like a bowl or spoon. Then just dry it.

So above is all the information that we can supply about cleaning a blade grinder.

Thanks for reading.

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