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Types of blade sets of blenders

Updated: May 29, 2020

When we are choosing a blender, we will take many things into consideration. For example, power, cost, noise, jar capacity, control method, appearance, etc. And the blade sets are always a factor that will affect the performance of a blender. I know some customer knows this factor and some not.

So here we are, we will introduce based on our experience.

Quantities of blade leaves

  • 2 blade leaves: It is made of one metal plate drilled in the middle. The two sides of the plate will be machined according to design.

  • 4 blade leaves: It has 4 blades absolutely. Maybe it's only one metal plate stretch to 4 directions, or there are 2 metal plates connected by one shaft.

  • 6 blade leaves: So this one is special, it will add the extra short blades on the top or below and connected with the 4 blade leaves.

  • 8 blade leaves: This is similar to the above. It will just add extra small and short blade blow or above and connected with 6 blade set.

For the above blades, the 4 blade leaves set is the most common. You can see them everywhere in most blenders. Some very famous blender brands like Blendtec or Vitamix, etc use 4 blade leaves sets in some high standard blenders.

The theory is that when adding the blades, the drag force will increase. We all know, more blades are better for cutting. But we don't know is that with more blades, the increasing drag force will slow down the rotating force which means cutting is slowed down. So the blade quantity and drag force need to be considered both for a blender.

After the above content, you may understand why some famous blender brands always use the 4 blade sets instead of 8 blade sets. They may analyze the 2 factors to get an optimal solution. But some small companies just add the blades as a marketing point to get better sales without considering the drag force.


  • Sharp: the blade is as sharp as knives that it can cut the herb easily. It is suitable for cutting some vegetable and fruit that has much fiber inside.

  • Dull: It is not suitable for us to call it blades because it has no sharp edges. The working principle is simple as the pestle and mortar. Just strike the raw material with force. And it is only suitable for hard objects like coffee beans.

  • Sawtooth: This blade has the edges like saw and tooth. So the working principle is more like bitting than cutting. You can see it as a combination of sharp and dull. It can deal with fiber and hard objects.

Remark: they all have their features. Sawtooth can be used in both raw materials but not as professional as the other two blades in their field.


Here the structure is the general shape of blade sets. The structure has influences on the strength of the blade, the working performance, speed, etc. I mean it only can affect them not to decide them. I think only the designer can use Ansys or other professional software and experiment to check the accurate influence the structure has on the blade performance.

As a normal user like me, I don't think the structure can affect much.


SUS201: Stainless steel 201. You can check the accurate composition.

SUS304: Stainless steel 304. You can check the accurate composition.

Other metal: Strong enough and healthy enough. Sometimes the new alloyed metal will have better performance and appearance.

Material decides the strength of the blade. And the supplier will make sure it's healthy.


I think I have covered the major categories of blade sets. But there are always special types that you can rarely see. So here are my explanations. I hope I can help you when choosing a blender.

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