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What a coffee grinder can do?

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you are a coffee lover, the coffee grinders are a must in your kitchens. No matter cheap or expensive, small or big, the coffee grinders play a vital role in the coffee grinding process. So here I will show you what the functions the coffee grinders have besides the coffee grinding.

First, we need to know that there are many kinds of coffee grinders in the world. But we can distinguish them mainly by the power source and the cutter.

The manual coffee grinders and the electrical coffee grinders are different in the power source. The electrical coffee grinders can save time and strength but they are much more expensive. By the way, there are more small differences between them, like the electrical grinders normally are made by better material and workmanship.

There are 3 kinds of cutter mainly used in the coffee grinders. They are the blade cutter, flat burr cutter, conical burr cutter. And the flat burr has variants like block burr, ghost burr (masticating burr), etc. Maybe in the future, there are more kinds of new burr coming. We will be waiting for them.

If you want to know more about the categories, Check this: Types of coffee grinders.

Second, let's check their functions by different categories

The manual coffee grinders are all conical burr grinders, So it has the almost same functions as the electrical conical burr grinders. The only difference is the power source. And there's another difference that the electrical use electricity as the power source and the machine is not water-proof. But the manual grinder can deal with the watery material. So I will list below the functions they can do.

Blade coffee grinder(electrical): We also call blade grinder as the spice grinder.

Coffee beans grinding is a must function of this appliance. It can also grind the dried spices which it's showed by the names. And this appliance is not designed with the water-proof feature. So we can't put watery material inside.

It is a simple grinder. So you can grind many dried materials inside besides coffee beans and spice. All kinds of dried beans and nuts or round seeds, many kinds of dried herb medicine, bones and dried meat, etc. These materials can all be processed. Just keep in mind the material is not too hard to damage the blade and it's dried enough to avoid the liquid leaking.

And remember that cut them first into the small pieces because the container of grinder is not big. Then enjoy grinding.

Conical burr grinder(electrical): This appliance has two burrs to grind the materials between them and they will create a conical shape space between them. The space is not big and the appliance is not water-proof.

Besides the function of coffee beans grinding. It can also grind other round dried seeds which is not too big size. For example, we can use this appliance to grind the flour which is made of rice. And you can use it to grind other dried material like the spice grinder. But it's important to cut them into small size like cubes because the burrs can't suck big or long materials by itself.

Remark: I don't suggest you do that because the electrical conical burr grinder is not cheap and it's designed for coffee grinding. If you use it grind other material once, you will need to clean them by grinding more coffee beans next or you will need to open the machine and clean all the corners.

But if you have an old grinder which is not suitable for grinding coffee beans, you can use it as you want or as I mentioned above.

Conical burr grinder(manual): This tool shares the same principle with the electrical conical burr grinder. The only difference is the power source. So we can use it to deal with the watery materials.

Besides the coffee grinding functions, It can also grind other dried material like the electrical grinder. And it can also grind the watery and soft material because it has no electricity and you can open it to clean after usage. So it may take your strength but can do more jobs and it is much cheaper than the electrical appliance. There's a small possibility you will feel sad if the manual grinder is used to grind nuts or others.

Remark: We need to cut materials first because the hopper is much smaller than other appliances. And the conical burr used in the manual grinder is also smaller. So we need to cut them into the much smaller pieces before grinding.

Flat burr grinder(electrical): This is the appliance that has two flat burrs which create the parallel space between them. The beans will fall into this space and be cut by the sharp edges on the burr. This space is not big and the appliance is not water-proof too like other appliances.

Actually it can do all the functions as the electrical conical burr grinder. The difference between them is very small that normal people can totally ignore except coffee geeks. So you can check the functions of the electrical conical burr grinder for reference.

Above is all the information I gathered for now. Maybe it's not enough. I will be happy to receive your emails and it's also great for you to leave a comment.

So when you need to grind the spice, nuts or bones, etc, the coffee grinder may be a choice if you don't have other tools to do this job. I think I don't want to use the expensive electrical coffee grinder in this method, but I will give the manual grinder a shot.

The coffee grinders are all designed to grind coffee. This is the only purpose. The methods I provided are only choices if you really want this grinder to have more functions or you just don't have the tools to finish the jobs. So I suggest you reconsider before carrying out.

Thanks for reading

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