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What does a commercial blender can do?

Updated: Mar 31

A blender is a simple appliance that has a motor inside that drives the blade connected with the motor to rotate to cut the food. Check the wiki explanation for reference.

Here we are going to discuss the commercial blender that is designed for the shop, hotels, restaurants, etc. You can check our other blog for the difference between home use and commercial blenders.

So let's check what's the features can make a blender commercial use.

A powerful motor that can keep working even if it's cutting steel and can work hours each day without burning out.

  • The thick and high strength material used in the structure, foundation, jar, etc.

  • The bigger jar can contain 2L or more liquid. I have seen a 6L blender before.

  • The bigger, thicker and better blade that can break the ice, walnut or other hard objects without hurting itself.

  • Higher price. The commercial blender normally cost much because of the material used and high performance.

  • Dimension and weight are bigger than the normal home-use blender.

  • Design is simple and traditional. The commercial blender doesn't need to be colorful or cute to attract people. The performance is the key to this appliance.

So with these great features, what a commercial blender can do?

I will list them below in detail:

1. Beverage/drinks.

It's the basic function fo blender to make delicious drinks from vegetables and fruit. Just cut them into cubes and put them inside the jar. Start the blender for minutes and you will get the drink.

2. Break ice/ smoothie

The commercial blender has a very good motor, blade, jar. So it's easy to break the ice continuously and safely.

3. Grinding/making powder

It's a useful function that the blender can make powders by the cutting method. It's very convenient for us to make powder by using a blender. But the fineness is not ensured because it's not a professional powder grinder yet. So you can use it as an unprofessional blender.

4. Process meat

This is also a choice when grinding meat without a meat grinder. Just cut the meat into cubes and put them inside the jar and start the blender. Then it will automatically cut the meat into smashed flesh.

5. Making dough

It's unexpected that the blender can mix the dough. Just do the process as usual. Add the dough, water, eggs, etc, and start the blender. It sounds easy but need more practice.

Attention: a blender can't grind dried herb.

We are a blender supplier. I will advise a commercial blender which is popular here for your reference.

So if you have advice for us, please leave a comment to us.

Thanks for reading.


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