Description of electric coffee grinder machine

1.The whole machine is simple and delicate with excellent tightness, small noise, being easy for operation and economic.

2.The grinding speed is fast and uneasy for overheating, which ensures the original taste of coffee.

3.The grinding cutter adopts ultra-hard steel knife and the durability of blade and the grinding speed can be 3times higher than that of other fake products. The grinding speed is fast and tidy, uneasy to produce powders.

4.8-gear coarse degree and fineness are adjusted freely

5.Magnetic deice is set in the power outlet to filter all metal powders, which further guarantees health.

Italian coffee grinder machine for comercial use 020

SKU: 020
Bean capacity
Blade Dim(plain)
  • Blade Dim(plain) 60mm
    Bean capacity 1L
    Motor speed 2000
    Voltage/frequency 220V/50Hz
    Weight 5.5Kg
    Dimension 22x14x47cm
    Packing Size 44x41.5x33.5cm(2unit)
    Power 250W
    Shell material aluminium alloy
    Outlet Pluses outlet
    Grinding speed 1.5-2.5/S
    Colour Red&Silver&Black