We will select the shipping agent as the customer's request. By shipping or air or by express or to the warehouse of the customer inside China. We will reply to the tracking code or transportation process as necessary. 

We won't be responsible for transportation if customer uses the agent by themself and transport by themself.

The forwarder agent will be responsible when the transportation process.


Our warranty period is one year from the item arrives in your country's port, we'll provide accessories free which is a malfunction in normal operations without the cost of shipment.

We don't accept return of goods in good condition


We accept from PayPal or other payment methods that we can acquire payment suggested by the customer for an order under $10. We don't use PayPal etc for big orders.

We accept TT and west-union for big orders. Or we accept other methods if safe.

We can accept bigger orders by PayPal if the customer can pay by $10 one time until the amount is enough if the customer insisted on payment by PayPal.

Remark: Transaction fee and safety for PayPal is not good, So we use Paypal with caution.


We welcome wholesalers, importer, distributor and retailer to import and resell our products.

For more information, please contact us by email, phone number or leave message by site chat.


Phone/whatsapp/line/wechat: 0086 17326902001